Thursday, October 26, 2006

CLEs and Such

Sorry it's been so long. I have been very busy with school and work--even though I'm only working part-time now while I finish law school it seems like I have less free time than I did before. And my, how the country's changed in the last couple of weeks! Bush is planning a Berlin Wall and he's done away with habeas corpus! It's pretty hard to believe more people aren't talking about this. This topic hasn't come up since, what, 1862?

Attorneys have to take Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses. On Saturday I attended my first CLE course--even though I'm not licensed yet, I have a year to turn it in and once I get my license I can turn it in for credit. I'm attending another one tomorrow. Based on the one I took, they're similar to defensive driving, except there's no test at the end. You just sit there for the designated time and listen to the speakers address whatever issues they have. Still, it was new and different enough that I'm looking forward to tomorrow's class.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fast Times at UH Law

Remember when Sean Penn ordered a pizza and had it delivered to class? We all laughed at how ridiculous it was that someone would do that. Of course, everyone brings soft drinks to class. Sometimes people bring candy. I never had a problem with that. Right now I'm in Labor Law and a student is eating TAKEOUT CHINESE from Pei Wei. As I sit here, in class, watching her stuff noodles in her mouth with chopsticks, I can't help but wonder if she's crossed a line somewhere. If I was the prof I would throw her out.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

End of Law Review

About 10 minutes ago I finished a major overhaul of the Law Review manual. Hopefully now it is more concise, orderly, and streamlined. This is significant because I am now over the number of hours I am required to work as an associate editor. My paper is going to the printers, and I have finished my obligations as an associate editor. Therefore, I'm done with Law Review. This is the first phase of closure I have reached as I progress towards finishing up. I guess the next milestone will be my Family Law exam in December.

Was Law Review worth it? Worth all the source gathering, cite checking, Member on Duty hours, etc? I'm happy that my paper is being published. But so far being on Law Review has not helped me AT ALL in obtaining any meaningful job offers. And ultimately, that's why people do it, right? So I guess it wasn't worth it. I suppose I'll come back to this and reassess after I start working somewhere. But emotionally? Let's just say I've already moved on.