Saturday, January 30, 1999

Wedding Shower

I spent most of the day working with Linux. I've started putting together a two-day course on it that I'm hoping to sell. In the evening I went to E and J's wedding shower. J said it was awkward having her church friends and work friends together in one place.

Monday, January 25, 1999


I'm in Dallas this week to teach 555, Integrating NetWare with NT. So I called up Billy and arranged for him to meet me at the hotel. Billy and I went to high school together, and somewhere along the way I'd stopped calling him Billy and started calling him Bill-Bill. You could say I owe my current career to Billy. Back in 1995, he saw an ad on TV for a computer networking class at Lamar University in Port Arthur. We went to class at night and got certified in NetWare 3.12. That certification helped me get the computer training job where I've been for three years. After I moved to Houston, Billy moved to Dallas and we didn't do too well at staying in contact.

Sereing him again made us both feel a little older, I think. Since we'd seen each other last, he'd put on a few pounds and I'd lost some hair. He drove me to some of his favorite night spots and we caught up on what each other had been up to.

Saturday, January 16, 1999

Red Hat Linux 5.2

After hearing more and more about Linux and seeing it on the shelves at MicroCenter, I decided today to buy Red Hat Linux 5.2. It's more-or-less a version of UNIX, free for download or you can buy it--either way, much cheaper than Microsoft. I played with it some. The graphical interface isn't much to look at but the server part seems pretty powerful.