Friday, April 20, 2007

Status: Employed!

I just accepted a new, full-time position with a computer job, starting Monday. I'm also going be doing drafting part-time for the Firm that I used to work for. In this way I'll make money, keep one foot in each career field (computers & legal), and hopefully find a way to merge these two at some point in time. I'm very happy to be going back to work, and the company seems like good people. So we'll see. I'd drink the champagne I bought for New Year's, but I'm saving it for the bar exam results. Either way it goes, I'll feel like a drink. Heh.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Playing the waiting game

The document review job is dying a fitful death. Last week we only worked three days. We did work Monday, but then they told us not to come in tomorrow unless they called first. Sheesh. I need something more steady, even if it is temp work.

Bar results in T-16 or 17 days. Those of us who are working late nights on document review aren't as thrilled as the Fortunate Sons who are at the big firms and can expect a champagne party and a bonus when their results come in (but we're not bitter!) Honestly at this point I'm more looking forward to Spider-Man III coming out (same day as the bar results are scheduled to be released).

I have a nibble on a computer training gig for next week. Details to follow, if that nibble turns into a byte. (Hey. It's computer humor. That's as good as it gets.)

Update: False alarm. They found someone local. But they were impressed with my resume and they'll keep me in mind. If I had a nickel...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The interview with the computer company went pretty well, I thought. The person doing the interviewing is the immediate supervisor, but I don't think he has any hiring authority. The boss was out of town, of course. So I have to wait to see whether they will make me an offer. They said I'd probably hear something on Wednesday. I'll call him Thursday if I haven't heard back.

Meanwhile I'm still burning up that midnight oil. As of today, the contract job is projected to end next Friday.

Update: I went ahead and called them today and they said while no decision had been made, most likely they would wait a little longer. They are starting a new fiscal year and doing budgets, and the sales people need to firm up some of the upcoming projects. They said it would be another week or two, but I was "at the front of the line." Just as well, the document review job is scheduled to last about that long.