Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Two Thumbs Up

It's official--my paper is the "best so far" according to the two editors who have reviewed it for publishability. That means I have passed my substantial writing requirement for Law Review and have a decent shot at publication. Most of the changes they suggested were minor--a few uses of passive voice that could go, etc. The final draft version is due in a couple of weeks and is supposed to incorporate the changes they suggest. Because I passed both editors' review, I could just reprint and turn in the same paper. I'll still make the changes, of course. It would be nice to keep my status as "best so far."

I don't have the big head, though. Sitting here in the Law Review office, a 22 year old blonde in flipflops and a t-shirt has been talking about her two upcoming summer internships with prestigious firms. Her paper didn't pass the first go-round. Mine did. She has an internship. I don't. Go figure. Maybe it's 'cause I'm "middle aged!" (Damn that Chinese horoscope!)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chinese New Year

My Chinese horoscope: "The year of 2006 is the same animal as your birth year. This year contains sweet and bitter mixed together. Lots of unseen changes are in front of middle-aged Dogs. People born in 1970 will have good opportunities in sales, writing and things related to the entertainment industry. Your personality and impact on your surroundings will be in top form. You should be able to promote your ideas and plans successfully." Who are they calling middle aged?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Man from UNCLE

I am remiss in not mentioning that I got the coolest thing on New Year's Day. Someone gave my grandmother a trove of videotapes a while back. The collection included a nearly complete set of Man from U.N.C.L.E. episodes recorded off the CBN reruns in the mid-'80s. I had been waiting for the show to come out on DVD (still waiting!) and when I mentioned it to my mother she said "I think we have those." Sure enough. I don't have much free time but I've tried to allow myself at least one episode per week. Open Channel D...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Spring 2006

For those of you who still are checking my meagre posts, here's an update:

I've finished a first draft of my law review article. It's turned in and I meet with the editor Monday to tell me what he thought about it. If it's good I get credit for the writing requirement. If its bad I have to fix it. I think it's pretty good, but hey, I wrote it.

I've now attended all new classes for this semester and tell you what's going on with them. One is huge, the others are so tiny that the curve is going to suck. Which is very bad for grades. It can mean there will be no As or maybe only one. Indexes are on a 10 point scale and subjective.

Business Organizations. This class is all about the law of partnerships, corporations, and limited liability entities.
Number of students: 99
Interest Index: 5
Class enthusiasm: 0
Professor looks like: Peewee Herman

Sales & Leasing. This class is all about the the business of sales and leases. Basically it's the Contracts class again.
Number of students: 9
Interest Index: 7
Class enthusiasm: 5
Professor looks like: Ted Knight

American Indian Law. Relationships of the federal, state, and tribal governments.
Number of students: 9
Interest Index: 9
Class enthusiasm: 9
Professor looks like: Jimmy Kimmel

Monday, January 09, 2006

Astroworld Auction

This last weekend Astroworld was auctioning off a lot of signage and other collectibles, including a large windmill, an antique chandelier, and a wrecked Gotham City police car that "decorated" a Batman-themed rollercoaster. I went to the auction, figuring I would allow myself at most $100 for an Astroworld sign. I wasn't even in the ballpark. A two-foot square sign that said "Six Flags is not responsible for items left on dock" went for over $200, and large signs that said "You must be this tall to ride this ride" were going for $1,500 and up. Some of the signs were beat up, weathered by years in the sweltering Texas summer sun. I could not bring myself to pay $200 for a sign like that, so after a couple of hours, I left. It was still fun, though.