Sunday, July 01, 2001

After the flood

Much has happened in the past month. The floods swelled and receded, taking a few lives and destroying billions in property. For the first couple of days, we didn’t get mail, the gas pumps and ATMs were out of service. Those businesses that were open often were unable to take credit cards. Sprint PCS lost a tower in the flood and it was the following Tuesday before we had service again. My phone was on my belt when I carried Sheridan across the water and took days to dry out. By the end of the week it was more-or-less functional; the only problem is the battery wouldn’t recharge. I had to buy another one. So now I have a Samsung and I HATE the belt clip – it keeps coming off and the phone clatters across the floor.

Now, three weeks later, some streets are still filled with trash, waiting to be taken to the dump. Bindview had to shut down because their building flooded and suffered structural damage. Mosquitoes swarm about, greedily feeding on anyone who wanders outside.

My first night in the new house was June 15th, though it was the 16th before I ever went to bed. I’m supposed to be studying Cisco and I really need to, but my focus has been getting this new house in order.