Sunday, June 10, 2001

The big flood

Yesterday I came closer to floods than I ever hope to be again. I took Sheridan to a movie and met up with Laura on the north side of town. It might not have been a big deal if I’d taken Westheimer back home, but the aftermath of Tropical Storm Allison took its tool on the roads. I drove through higher water than I should have, and worked my way down to San Felipe. By the time I made it to Randall’s grocery store, the waters had become too high and I had to pull over. I picked up Sheridan and carried her across the street in waist-high water. My cell phone was ruined, and we spend the night in Randall’s. My clothes were soaked and the store was cold. I bought Sheridan and me rain parkas (she said I looked like Pancha from Emperor’s New Groove!) and I stripped down to the parka and underwear. We were stuck at Randall’s until 5:00 am this morning.