Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Playing the waiting game

The document review job is dying a fitful death. Last week we only worked three days. We did work Monday, but then they told us not to come in tomorrow unless they called first. Sheesh. I need something more steady, even if it is temp work.

Bar results in T-16 or 17 days. Those of us who are working late nights on document review aren't as thrilled as the Fortunate Sons who are at the big firms and can expect a champagne party and a bonus when their results come in (but we're not bitter!) Honestly at this point I'm more looking forward to Spider-Man III coming out (same day as the bar results are scheduled to be released).

I have a nibble on a computer training gig for next week. Details to follow, if that nibble turns into a byte. (Hey. It's computer humor. That's as good as it gets.)

Update: False alarm. They found someone local. But they were impressed with my resume and they'll keep me in mind. If I had a nickel...


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