Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Space Needle

After two days of learning more about rollback.exe and answer files than I ever wanted to know, Dan and I took a break and went to the Space Needle. It's an older building, but it had a great view of Seattle. From there we ate salmon and drove around the University of Washington (birthplace of pine and pico!). On the way back we passed Wizards of the Coast, a company that makes a card game called "Magic, the Gathering." We went inside. They have a playing area done up like a dungeon where people can play Magic, and there were some arcade games as well. Dan was more excited about that than I was, but it was still fun to see.

Monday, March 29, 1999

Microsoft's campus

Today Dan and I flew to Denver, then on to Seattle. We rented a car and drove over to Microsoft's campus. Everyone says Microsoft is in Redmond, but it looked to me like it's actually in Bellevue. The campus is like a college campus of several new buildings wiht green-tinted glass. They have banners hanging from the parking lot lights advertising products like Windoes 95 and Visual Studio.

Friday, March 26, 1999

Goin' to a Roadshow

After knowing about this for weeks, my airhead General Manager tells me today that she wants Dan (co-worker) and me to go to Microsoft on Monday for some system-builder training. It seems Microsoft wants to put on a roadshow promoting NT 4.0 to system builders and they're looking for some instructors to present in a nationwide event. Gee, thanks for the advance notice. Still, it will be cool to visit Microsoft's campus.