Monday, May 10, 1999

Minneapolis Roadshow

Yesterday I flew from Denver directly to Minneapolis for another roadshow. I visited the Mall of America. It really is huge. Attractions include an aquarium called Underwaterworld and a mini-carnival with rides.

The roadshow today went well. People begged me to say "Damn Yankees" with my Texas accent, and someone said "You betcha!" which was funny.

Saturday, May 08, 1999

Denver Roadshow

My fellow presenters at this roadhow are a motly bunch. We have S, a woman whose husband couldn't come because his parole officer won't let him leave California. We have C, a man with shamrock tatoos who was once a circus clown and said he was in the original production of Hair. We have G, a man terrified to get up in front of an audience. And finally, we have a guy named Greg from Microsoft who was there to present on the same topic I was there for. Oops! He wanted to present so I said fine. I had a free trip to Denver. All was good until I realized I was in a brand new part of town and was about a $25 cab ride from everything. I ended up in the hotel bar drinking and playing pool solitare.