Saturday, February 27, 1999

Eric's Bachelor Party

Normally I would have been more excited about going to a bachelor party. Eric, a co-worked of mine, had his today. Sort of. There was no wine, no music, no strippers. Eric's bachelor party was a game of paintball and lunch at Hooters. Yeah.

Paintball is where a bunch of rednecks get together in the woods and shoot paint pellets at each other. They give you goggles to protect your eyes, and if you don't have your own paintgun, you can rent one. There are two "armies" that face off against each other. If you get hit you have to walk off the field. Under heavy fire, I dove under a fallen tree for cover. I wanted to return fire, and peeked out over the top. Splat! My goggles turned white with paint. I had taken one between the eyes. I'm done. Can I go gome now?

Sunday, February 14, 1999

Valentine's Day

OK, it's my first Valentione's Day after the divorce. What should I do? Hmm... I know! I'll do my taxes!

This evening I decided staying at home would suck so I dressed up and went out for dinner. I went to the Old San Francisco Steakhouse first. As I pulled in and parted a valet came running up to the car. "Sir, you can't park here." Why? This is a parking place for the restaurant. "Yes, but it's reserved for valet." So you can park my car here but I can't? "That's right, sir." I friggin' hate valets! So I moved the car and walked inside. A waitress greated me. "How many?" One. An eyebrow goes up. "One?" she asked. I felt like I was in Steve Martin movie The Lonely Guy. You know that scene where he goes into a restaurant and asks for a table for one? Everyone stops eating and talking and the whole place stares at him. A spotlight comes on and follows him to his seat. Yeah, it was kinda like that. The steakhouse wasn't accepting normal orders--they had a set plate dinner for $40 a person. Already mad because of the valet thing, I left before I had an apoplectic fit. Dinner at the Macaroni Grill was normal price, thank you. And there we no valets.

Monday, February 08, 1999

B's an idiot

In spite of it all today B pulled me aside in the hallway to thank me. He told me they'd "worked it out" and while it was no one's business what was said, they were ok now and going forward. He's still gonna marry her!

Friday, February 05, 1999

To tell or not to tell?

Tell. B is a co-worker of mine. He lives in the same apartment complex as one of our (female) clients, C. He's always had a crush on her and they became friends. C was taking a class with me and started flirting. I asked her about B, and she dismissed him, saying, "B is my neighbor." Now I know I shouldn't have gone along with it at all, but I did. She was cautious because I'm newly divorced (since December), and wrote me emails that said things like "Once your heart has healed we're gonna get together." She invited me over twice to visit. Nothing happened. After that she disappeared off the radar for a while and then suddenly today B was telling me they were buying a house together and getting married. What?! I talked with another co-worker about it and she agreed that C seemed awfully unsteady and that maybe B shouldn't go through with it. I decided to talk to B. He argued with me and said "I already talked to her about you. She told me she wasn't flirting with you, but you took it the wrong way." I said I was experienced enough to know when I was being flirted with. He told me I was mistaken, that she was just being nice. Now she was lying to him and making me look stupid. That made me just mad ehough to do something maybe I shouldn't have -- I let him read the emails she sent me. I wasn't trying to show off or make him look bad, but I didn't want him to get into a bad situation. He turned white, and quietly apologized. I felt bad for him, but I still think I did the right thing.