Thursday, August 17, 2006

Law Clerk Day 29

Tomorrow's the last day of the unpaid internship. The Firm said if I stay I need to move into another room, so tomorrow I'll be moving my stuff. Monday I start the internship for at least two days a week. I also start my last semester, with Secured Financing and Family Law. Today I drove over to the courthosue area and found a packing garage. Parking is going to cost me $4 a day--not terrible. I've seen it as high as $20. I'm parking about two blocks from the courthouse and even though it was hot and dry I was just picturing a cloudy and rainy November morning, and wondering how I was going to get across those two blocks in the rain. Then I found out I had access to the tunnels! So that should help. If I don't get lost.

For those who don't know, most downtown Houston buildings are connected by a tunnel system. It's not as dreary as it might sound. Imagine a big maze-shaped mall filled with gift shops and restaurants but no windows and you have a pretty good idea. I've only been in them a few times and I think it's very, very cool and odd at the same time.


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