Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Minor update...

I know you are probably wondering what's new. Well... not much. Last week on Tuesday night I got my edited copy of the article that's going to be published in the Law Review. It took me several hours, I'd guess about 20, to go through everything. Some of the 2Ls had added text here and there, and sometimes I liked it, and sometimes I didn't and changed it, and sometimes I just took it back out. I also added some text and about 10 footnotes to bring the text up to date with developments that have occurred within the last 9 months. I finished the updates over the weekend.

In other news, when I signed up to take the bar exam I said I wanted to type the essay portion on a laptop. They do that at the testing center in town. WRONG. In the February bar they only do it in Austin! So when I go take the bar exam in February I'll be taking it in Austin. I already reserved a cheap hotel close to the testing area. It's just as well... a number of people tell me they rent a hotel even when they take it in town because they can get away from the daily madness.


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