Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Lá 'le Bhríde

1 Feabhra 2005

Part of an ongoing memorial to our vanished heritage
A Bhríd, a Mhuire na nGael.
Faoi do bhrat, tóg ár náisiún uile.
A Bhríd, a Mhuire na nGael, guí orainn!
February 1 and 2 were once associated with the pagan holiday of Imbolc. Of course, the holy Church disapproved of the Celtic gods and replaced them with more acceptable alternatives, so now
February 1 is St. Brigid's Day and February 2 is Candlemas. Many Christians have probably heard of Candlemas but I'll bet not 1 in 10 have a clue what it commemorates or how you're supposed to celebrate it. Only the Irish know about St. Brigid and not even they celebrate it. Now all that's left is a silly festival in Punxsutawney where a groundhog named Phil comes out to predict the weather. You can read about the evolution from holy Celtic festival to the Psychic Rodent Fair here.


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