Friday, September 24, 1999

More bad cabbies!

Back in Athens, I wanted to go back ot the area where the old Olympic stadium was. I told the cabbie I wanted ot go to the stadium. "Olympic stadium?" Yes! Off we went. It seemed like were going the wrong way and it wasn't too long before we'd left the city of Athens completely. Um... where are we going? "Olympic stadium!" Sure enough, he pulled up at the new Olympic Stadium, being built for the 2004 Olympics. I was annoyed, to say the least. I explained to him that's not where I wanted to be and he waved me off. "I'm not going back to Athens today," he said, and drove off.

Well, I was here so I may as well look around. I walked into the stadium, a modern white structure. It seemed really big, even for a stadium, and I was surprised to see an analog clock where in the US you'd see those cheesy digital ones. After that I stood on the side of the road waving at cabs until one finally stopped. The driver put me in the front seat since he was driving his friends around in the back. As he was talking with them he kept gesturing and reaching out with his hand, gesturing as he talked, and I was almost afraid he was going to put his hand on my knee.


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